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« : 15 Марта 2019, 20:09:31 »
"This is obedience," Elly cried, over Ia's screams. "This is what it feels like to be a good girl! You always wanna be a good girl, right?""Tell me what?" I asked warily.Next"Well, you'll have to explain that because I'm still in high school and inexperienced and all that; I?ll only do that if you're there with me," she said, "and I mean it too."
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She rolled her eyes. "Ignorance is bliss." Surprising me by taking my hand, she said, "Hey Kim, wanna dance with me?"Grabbing the back of Jenna's head, I gently pushed it down on my husband's cock. Our neighbor's nasty little daughter proved to be a good girl and despite the fact she was still squealing as she came hard into my hand, began bobbing her head. As Doug began to moan continuously, Jenna squirmed against my hand, whimpering as she sucked. My nipples were aching and my pussy was begging for its own release, but right now all that mattered was hearing Jenna squeal in delight and watching Doug move his hips, fucking her willing mouth with his thick cock.I tried to walk slowly up the stairs, but it was very difficult not to rush or to look back over my shoulder to make sure that Cassidy was going to follow me. Once in the stairwell, I was hidden from the bar.Instead, she greeted me with a smile as I entered the room, looking up from the food she was preparing in the kitchen. "Feel better?" she asked.

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« : 15 Марта 2019, 19:51:16 »
"No, really, I agree with you," John said. "I didn't realize what a bad sport he is. It makes me uncomfortable too," he said, explaining the bet they had made that morning.Speaking of licking lips, I was dying to get to hers. Standing up, I grabbed her hand. Urging her to her feet, I told her, "Lie on your back.""You keep forgetting that Audrey brings her husband and her boyfriend to New Horizons." I reminded her. "Dave and Jen were three, and I was the fourth. But you actually have been fucked more than four times in one night. Mitch and Steve both fucked you a couple of times, Dave at least twice, and I fucked...""Listen, I'm thinking of hopping in the shower...you, uh, wanna join me?" I said, eyeing her wonderful figure.
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"Yes, we are.""Okay," Kelly agreed, obviously rubbing her pussy on her bicycle seat as they rode toward Tom?s office.Kurt added, "I'm really not that much bigger than other men." I was really impressed; he said that without sounding like he was bragging. I glanced at Kent; he was nodding in silent agreement to my thought. I liked these people.Anja came, her pussy squeezing on my cock. Then she came again.

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« : 15 Марта 2019, 19:45:07 »
She grinned devilishly at him. He felt the hand on the mug leave his and travel down, taking his hand and adjusting it. Now his hand rested directly over one of her full, flushed breasts. He felt her pert nipple pressing against his palm."Okay, look," Doug said. "You're not stupid, and you're certainly not naive, so I guess we can't deny it.""You do everything fast?" I asked as I walked up the stairs towards her."Yeah, I rather just get it done with so I can know I lived up to my end of the bet. You can do it however you want," Cassidy offered, her bright blue eyes never leaving mine. "I can help you out, or I can come in your room, or you can go watch porn and just let me know when you're ready. I can get naked or whatever, I just don't want to mess up my clothes or any of our furniture."
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"Dad?" John asked, looking at his father."What do you do afterwards?""I'm sorry, Kelly," he said, conscious of the small towel she was holding around her head. "I didn't mean to cum in you, it just happened."Then Cassidy's voice came loud and clear through the doorway, dripping with delight and sexual energy, "Oh yes!" she cried. "Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Give it all you got!"

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« : 14 Марта 2019, 16:24:29 »
Anne added, "We'll be waiting in the hot tub for you when you're through."I tried to walk slowly up the stairs, but it was very difficult not to rush or to look back over my shoulder to make sure that Cassidy was going to follow me. Once in the stairwell, I was hidden from the bar."OK, Buddy. Let's see what happens!" He clinked his beer to mine.The next morning I started my day with a shower. As I was washing away the sweat from the night before, I was completely distracted by thoughts of the amazing blowjob I had received. The blowjob was so good, I was still not completely sure that it hadn't been a dream. Any lingering doubts were washed away with the sweat when I was startled by the shower door opening.
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Feeling tipsy and more than a little horny when I got back to my apartment, I decided to do what I had done a hundred times before. I fired up my computer, surfed the internet for some porn, and started jacking off. The apartment had been quiet and empty when I walked in, so I assumed Cassidy had been long asleep. I had my fully engorged cock in my hand, stroking my meat, watching a busty porn star deep throating a big dick on my computer screen, when I was surprised by a soft knock at my door.His cock was pressing uncomfortably against the towel, he noticed, so he adjusted where the two sides of the towel met so it could stick out between them. He smiled at his cleverness. It pointed out, straight as an arrow, at the Thriae's ass in front of him."Whatever" I thought to myself. I padded silently back down the hallway to my room and closed the door. After a couple of minutes trying to muffle the moaning and screaming with a pillow stuffed over my ears, I drifted back off to sleep."Oh, Mistress, please," Ia whimpered. She'd already given in to calling Elly 'Mistress', at least out loud. "Lemme come. Lemme come! Just once! I'll be a good girl!"

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« : 14 Марта 2019, 15:48:27 »
Jenna's lips were still parted, and she was flushed and sweating. Her nipples pushed against my dress through the flimsy material of hers, and I told myself to get away from her. But my body wasn't listening and my mind was racing. Christ, she was hotter than Becca, and I had no doubt she was interested. Or was she? If this was some kind of game and I asked her back to our house, there would be hell to pay. I considered turning to look at Doug, but knew he would be of no help. If anything, he would beg me to bring her home—2 comments"I love your cock," she told him, again dropping down to her knees to gently suck on him. "If you can get it hard again, do we have time for one more fuck?" she asked.I'm sure a lot of people will be exasperated by my timidity at this point in my story. All I can offer in my defense is that I really did not want to screw up my living situation, and I thought a good outcome was very unlikely. I was not the type of person who this kind of stuff happened to, and I knew all this fooling around between me and Cassidy could be dangerous if it didn't go well. It turned out that I was mostly right.
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Buford smiled at the memory. "I couldn't resist them; and I figured that, since you had been in no hurry to get fed, there was no reason for me to get in any hurry to feed you either: That rubber hose certainly wasn't going anywhere.""But I know it won't matter," Elly whispered confidentially, bringing the paintbrush down lower and lower. Ia's lip quivered. "Because Ia doesn't wanna be my bimbo, does she? She wants to be strong. A strong, tough girl who will stay here for years if she has to.” She laughed. “And she will have to, won't she?”By the time I came back to my senses and opened my eyes, Cassidy was looking up at me with a beaming smile and a twinkle in her bright blue eyes. She had clearly swallowed all of my load."Ooohh, so that's why you didn't want to undress and come in the water," Kelly said, staring at his cock throbbing in his underwear. "But I don't mind," she said. "I'll just take it as a compliment," suddenly grabbing his underwear and pulling them down to the ground, along with his shorts. As she did so, his cock sprang out, hitting her in the face before she could get out of the way. "Now you can come in the water," she said, standing up, her face flushed with the excitement of her brother's hard cock slapping her in the face.

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« : 14 Марта 2019, 15:31:24 »
"Well, to you, maybe, but some of these girls will think, eww, he's my dad's age. But even if they are receptive to me, how do we know they would be into you?"I frowned. "Well, you have to—""What?!" she interrupted, playfully exasperated. She finally looked up at my face and her dazzling blue eyes met mine. "You jerk off, I use a vibrator. Sex is a totally normal thing, there's no reason to hide it." Her fingers were now gripping me more deliberately, my cock still lubricated from the lotion I had been using and the previous tingling from my near orgasm quickly returning.Cassidy came right up beside me so her shoulder was touching mine, looked back quickly over her shoulder to make sure the guys weren't close enough to hear, and whispered, "I owe you two drinks, or the other thing?"
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"No, we're very selective. Besides, we pretty much just play with the same couples, now." Anne told him.Because right now, he and she were both coming. He cried out, babbling his pleasure-drunken thanks, and she just babbled. Whereas before he had been drowning in submission and tickle torture, now he was drowning in pure bliss. Every fiber of his new being told him he should reject this, should long to be teased and denied, but he couldn't resist anything that felt this good.Could.Elly was holding a long, thin paintbrush.

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« : 13 Марта 2019, 22:30:14 »
We were both laughing now. Kent raised his mug to me. I chinked mine against his. "This has been quite the weekend, eh?" I said.Jenna pulled his jeans down over his hips and down to the floor and I licked my lips at the sight of Doug's long thick cock springing free."Hey Cassidy, what's up?" I asked softly."I love your cock," she told him, again dropping down to her knees to gently suck on him. "If you can get it hard again, do we have time for one more fuck?" she asked.
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"Gee, Mr. Henderson," Kelly said. "John said you thought I was pretty and that you wanted to have sex with me. He told me you'd give me lots of money if I agreed to do that."I glanced out the open door towards my wife, who was nonchalantly reading her magazine again. I could hear Kent still chunking wood into the fireplace.Oh, for the love of God, could this get any more embarrassing? I was trying to come up with an answer when I took a good look at her. My eyes widened, and whatever words were forming in my mind, vanished. Jenna's normally long, straight blond hair had been teased out, giving her a wild appearance. Her perfect full lips were coated in a deep pink. Her large blue eyes, so similar to Becca's, were accentuated by heavy eye shadow as well as mascara."Just like what you wore to school today," John replied. "Short skirt, no panties. We want him to be really excited, and it will make you seem more like a little girl to him. The idea is for him to like it so much that he wants to do it again and again."

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« : 13 Марта 2019, 21:55:31 »
She reached us. Making sure to keep my eyes on her face only, I said, "Jenna, please, I think you misunderstood what we—""It feels weird just sort of... whipping it out in front of you," I said."Plan this? No! Anne said to never bring it up with you unless you did. I thought you said you and Jan had planned this."Jan gestured toward to commode. "Go ahead, you're not showing me anything I haven't seen before." She grinned at me. "Though, it does seem a terrible waste of "morning wood."
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"Why, that's absolutely right," Jason said, proud that John had remembered what he had told him."You can't just barge into my room, Cassidy," I replied, trying to deflect the topic but failing to inject the proper sound of irritation in my voice because I was so surprised and uncomfortable."Baby, you have that one toy that's bigger than him, that doesn't hurt you."John followed, a smile on his face and his cock getting hard again in his pants as he watched her.

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« : 13 Марта 2019, 21:36:19 »
As the song continued, I guided her around so that she was now facing Doug, and then began swaying back and forth again, keeping her there."Well, you asked if I was here alone and I said sort of?" I tried to laugh but stopped when Becca eased back from me.Her excitement was growing and growing exponentially, betraying her initial calm confidence.I looked at him, cocking my head to the side, and asked, "German or Austrian?"
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"Oh, it's so big!" she groaned as he eased the entire length inside her."You scared me," she said, climbing up onto the grassy area, her naked body sparkling with the water in the sunlight."Thanks, buddy." I said, then added: "Hey, wait a minute. Is that because you think she won't like it, or..."Instead, she stepped aside, and a beautiful blonde woman came into view. Brist blinked again, twice. It took him strangely long to remember the name.

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« : 11 Марта 2019, 09:38:01 »
But then there was Kelly. John didn't just love his sister; he was in love with her. To him there was no more of a beautiful girl in the world, with maybe the exception of their mother, Karin. Kelly was 5'6" tall and tipped the scales at 120 lbs. She had long curly red hair that hung halfway down her back and bright green eyes. Her figure had really filled out in the last year, and he knew from going through her clothes that she wore a 36-C bra. Sometimes he could see her nipples sticking out from her t-shirt when she didn't wear a bra, like around the house.Elly let out a low moan, leaning close. She was so close her lips were touching Ia's, just barely. Ia's resolve rattled from the intimacy with her Mistr—with Elly. Her eyes bored into Ia's, filling the knight's whole consciousness. "Ia's a smart girl," she husked. "Ia wants to keep her head. She knows that I can fuck her brains out if I want to, mind control or no. Doesn't she?""Oh, yeah, I like it just fine," John said, smiling down at her. "I like it more and more each time."Elly eyed her for a moment, almost frowning. Ia felt a strange pain course through her at that look. She never wanted Mistress to look at her that way again. At last, Mistress sighed, and leaned in to gently kiss her. "Good girls," she murmured, "always say yes!”
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"I'd pay to be fucked by a cock like that," Kelly said, shaking her head wistfully."They're only gone a few more days and it's the first time they've left her alone for more than a night. They're going away for two weeks next month too, and Jenna really doesn't wasn't to go and the grandparent's that watched her moved to Florida last year. They agreed to give her the chance to stay home as long as we would watch out for her and she doesn't get in any trouble. Maybe we should hold off.""I want you to fuck me" she whispered. I could easily smell the strong scent of alcohol on her breath.As Doug moaned, I watched with my pussy dripping as Jenna moved her head is a slow rhythm. She was whimpering around his cock as my fingers began rubbing her clit in hard fast circles. She was starting to grind her hips back into me and with a smile at Doug; I ducked my head and began sucking on his balls. His hips jerked and his knee began to move up and down, as he grew closer. My pussy was on fire as my two lovers were both closing in on coming. Removing my mouth from his balls, I eased his cock from Jenna's mouth and took it into my own.

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"Pancakes for breakfast?" She asked."Why, do you mind watching while I fuck Becky?s daddy?" she asked.I went out to run some errands before Cassidy woke up. When I returned that afternoon, Cassidy was awake and cooking herself some eggs over the stove."Good," I said. "What do we do now."
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To my surprise, I felt undeniably jealous. I hadn't ever thought of Cassidy as "mine." She was just my crazy roommate who made this awesome deal with me where we helped each other orgasm. I had no claim to her and she had no claim to me, even though we messed around several times a week. I was surprised that Cassidy was so comfortable flirting with these guys in front of me, but I was way more surprised that I wanted desperately to march up to the bar and haul Cassidy away with me. Had I developed feelings for her? What did I feel towards her? Or was I just being protective of Cassidy?The fairy tormented her for a few seconds, then moved back down to Ia's sides. She knew Ia was waiting, and so immediately burst out, “O-only good girls come!”"Are you okay?" John asked."Kelly," John began as he felt that familiar churning feeling in his balls, "I think I'm going to..." was all he got out.

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"Make me come...please...yes...I wanna come.""You know what I like?" she asked as if I wasn't speaking."I think you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen," John said.Anja's was coming, hard, from both Anne's and my tongue on her clit. She shuddered violently, clasping our heads. Her fist was bunched in Anne's thick hair. I'm shaved bald, so Anja dug her long nails into my scalp instead. Kent banged Anne hard, causing her face to repeatedly bump into Anja's pussy.
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Mistress Elly was not kissing her. Was not licking her. With one hand, she happily shoved that big, ridged runerod...I felt the weight of her body fall on mine as I found her clit, and I began to match my caress to hers. I do not know if it was as a reward or as a punishment that I inserted two of her fingers inside me, but either way it was nearly too much. My body was undulating, welcoming them within, but still I felt the strength of her fingers as they pushed through. As I went inch by inch, I was forgetting everything, until I was only aware of her and me."What the hell yourself?" I demanded as the door opened. "Don't you knock?!"And with one last smile over her shoulder, she was running out of the apartment. It took me a couple of minutes to clean myself up and process what had just happened. I couldn't fall asleep for a while, but I had dozed off in my bed before Cassidy returned.

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"I understand," I responded, and quickly decided to take her up on her offer. "Let me... go to my room an I'll call you when I'm ready."It knows what it wants, he thought numbly. He imagined kneeling down in the archway and begging her to... no, he couldn't think these things...The conversation ended suddenly. Curious, I sat up quietly. I could see the back of Kent's head and bare shoulders silhouetted by the large picture window. He appeared to be standing in front of the loveseat at the front of the room. He was looking downward, but every few seconds his head would slowly roll back, then drop down again. Everything was silent now, except for the running shower and another, very familiar, slurping sound. I leaned toward the foot of the bed for a better view.I laughed without thinking about it. It sounded like a ridiculous but intriguing challenge to me, but what came out of my mouth was, "That sounds a little gross." Cassidy paused and looked into my eyes uncertainly. "Unfair to the girls, I mean," I added.
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She wondered whether the rat traps were still in Buford's barn. If not, she could surely find some other toys to play with. While Tiffany was considering what toys she might find in the barn, the patches of goat's-head stickers in the empty lot next door came to mind: She wondered whether the thorns would make good surrogates for wasp stings. There was only one way to find out; and, since it seemed to her to be a just penance, Tiffany determined to carry it out on the following day.She crossed her arms below her tits, pushing them out even more, and after staring at them for a moment and imagining what it would be like to suck on them, to watch Doug play with them, I leaned over and blurted out, "We'll pay you!"Anne stood with hands on her hips and feet apart, fully nude before him. Her shaved pussy, bare save for a perfectly trimmed "welcome mat", was displayed for his viewing enjoyment.Katy Thorn is a post-grad writer with a passion for - and a history of - writing about sex, sexuality and all that it entails. She spends her time running, reading, writing and socialising. Katy has a cat named Feargal, she loves coffee and hates writing bios.

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"Oh, don't worry about it, it's totally natural," Cassidy responded with a reassuring tone, continuing to walk slowly towards me. She was wearing a simple t-shirt herself and a tight pair of jeans. I finally noticed that her blue eyes seemed fixed on my cock, just before she said to me, "That might be the biggest dick I've ever seen in person. You mind if I touch it?"Now that we were here, however, I was horny as hell and ready to go for it. We'd been at the bar about a half hour and the two Captain and Cokes I'd had on the beach along with a couple of shots of good ole Cuervo had helped loosen me up. The bevy of young beauties was certainly heating me up.I was jerking off quietly in my room one afternoon. I don't remember much else about the day or why I was beating my meat, but I remember almost everything else vividly. I was watching some porn on my computer, and I was getting really close to cumming. I could feel the orgasm building, looking forward to the explosion of pleasure from a sweet, orgasmic release, when I thought I heard my bathroom door open.Tiffany took a deep breath. She had been wanting to ask Buford for a while, but had always been too embarrassed to ask. She shifted uncomfortably, then said, "It's about your old boots."
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"Oh, don't worry about it, it's totally natural," Cassidy responded with a reassuring tone, continuing to walk slowly towards me. She was wearing a simple t-shirt herself and a tight pair of jeans. I finally noticed that her blue eyes seemed fixed on my cock, just before she said to me, "That might be the biggest dick I've ever seen in person. You mind if I touch it?"“Bad girl,” Elly said, shaking her head.Goblin's Note: Thanks so much for reading! We're gonna be taking a break from Intrepid Pawns for a bit to focus on Monstrous Ranch, but rest assured, the gang will be back in good time. :)And she shoved the runerod in. “Time for Lesson Two.”

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Poor John, she thought as she brushed her hair. She had really been ignoring him for the last few months while her hormones had raged for the first time in her life and she had become quickly enamored with sex. They had always been real close, just like all twins, always talking and sharing their secrets with each other. He was the first person she had told that she had lost her cherry when it had happened and it had seemed to her that their relationship had sort of changed from that point on. She opened the door to her room and waltzed down the hallway to the kitchen where she found both her parents and John sitting down to breakfast."It's still a whore," she laughed. "Sex for money. Besides, I like thinking of myself as a whore. It's so wicked just thinking about it."I knew Cassidy's sexy body was going to be a huge distraction for me the second she moved in. She showed up with her first few boxes of stuff wearing booty shorts and a tank top over a sports bra. When she was walking away from me, I couldn't stop looking at her impossibly shapely round ass. When she was walking towards me, I couldn't stop stealing glances at her large, round breasts pressed firmly against the tightly constraining fabric of her sports bra.The Uber Ride- Erotic Story
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Buford smirked at the sight of her pokies, then went on with his story: "Before I reached for the funnel, I took another look at those enchanting lips. They obviously wanted to play, peeking out at me like that, and suggesting to me that they would be a helluva lot more fun to use than any old stick to clean off my boots. I couldn't argue with that, so I tried to stick the toe of my boot between them, to part them a little so I could get a better view. When I did that, you squirmed and spread your legs enough for me to get the toe in between them and then press down on them and spread them apart until they lay flat. They had blossomed beautifully, opening up like the petals of a flower. They looked so open and inviting, splayed out like that, and were just begging me to use them.""He sure looks like he'd like to kill dad," John observed to Tom."Mrs. Wilson?""Well," Kelly began, sitting up cross-legged in front of him, "some guys are bigger and some are more tender and some are faster."

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